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Discontinuous memory!!

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Subject: Discontinuous memory!!
From: "Green" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 18:11:43 +0800
Dear all,
I am porting Linux to R3912.
There are two memory block on my target board.
One is 16MB                  from 0x8000 0000 to 0x8100 0000.
The other one is 16MB   from 0x8200 0000 to 0x8300 0000.
But I found kernel just managed the first memory block.
How could I modify the kernel to support 32MB discontinuous memory?
Now I am trying to add entries to page table.
It will halt at decompressing ramdisk.
Has anyone resolve this kind of problem before?
Please help me.....
Thanks in advance.
Green  <>
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