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Pcmcia RF driver again!!

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Subject: Pcmcia RF driver again!!
From: "Green" <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 16:54:19 +0800
Dear all,
I am porting the pcmcia rf driver to the R39xx MIPS machine.
The old version driver worked on the kernel 2.2.12 .
As the following:
 /* kernel 2.2.12 */
 wlandev->netdev->tbusy = 0;
I modified it to be
 /* kernel 2.4.0 */
 netif_start_queue((struct net_device*)wlandev->netdev);
 netif_wake_queue((struct net_device*)wlandev->netdev);
The kernel I downloaded from linux-vr didn't implement NET_BH bottom half routine.
So I can't use it.
Is there anything wrong?
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