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Re: Why can't run /sbin/init !!

To: Greeen-III <>
Subject: Re: Why can't run /sbin/init !!
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 10:13:30 +0200
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As a wild guess, I'd say you're missing the right dynamic linker. On
some systems it is called, but on other versions of glibc it
must be called Try to add those links to standard
ld-$(VERSION).so in your /lib directory. I have seen the problem with my
system too. 

Greeen-III wrote:
> I am porting Linux to MIPS (r3912).
> When The /init/main.c run to this line
> "execve("/sbin/init",argv_init,envp_init);",
> there is nothing happened.
> Then Kernel showed the panic message "Not find init".
> I checked if there is init program in the directory
> "/sbin/". And I make sure that there is a file "init"
> there.
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