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Re: Kernel compiler

To: Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: Re: Kernel compiler
From: Keith M Wesolowski <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 19:03:01 -0800
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On Sat, Nov 04, 2000 at 03:53:26AM +0100, Ralf Baechle wrote:

> The reports regarding egcs 2.96 and newer misscompiling the kernel only
> affect x86 or are other architecture affected as well?  I don't have any
> pending compiler >= 2.96 related bug reports.

Somewhere between 1019 and 1023, a bug was introduced which causes
miscompilation. Symptom is oops on boot during RPC port lookups. I
don't know if this is still present, nor the exact nature of the
bug. It appears that some address offsets changed in the compiled code
from gcc 1019 to gcc 1023.

Keith M Wesolowski            
University of Nevada          
Chemistry Department Systems and Network Administrator

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