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2nd Real Time Linux Workshop

Subject: 2nd Real Time Linux Workshop
From: Nicholas Mc Guire <>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 01:21:00 +0200
        Workshop on Real Time Operating Systems and Applications, 
                   Second Real Time Linux Workshop

                        November 27-28, 2000
                         Walt Disney World
                        Orlando, Florida, USA

Dear reader,

As followup to the first real time linux workshop in Vienna, a workshop
expanding to all flavors of Real Time Operating Systems will be held at
the RTSS 2000 in Orlando.  The goal is to bring together developers and
users, present new developments, discuss "real" user demands and get to
know those anonymous people only existing as email folders on your mail
archive. Generalizing the workshop-scope to all flavors of Real Time OS
should encourage the presentation and comparison of applications runing
on any system.  

           Victor Yodaiken               Kevin Jeffey

           Nicholas McGuire              Peter Wurmsdobler

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