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eLinux Distribution List is up

Subject: eLinux Distribution List is up
From: Anne Sharp <>
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 18:32:35 -0700
Organization: eLinux
eLinux has delivered the distributions!

I'm pleased to announce that the eLinux Distribution List is finally up.
I originally contacted over 350 distros, and then collected the incoming
data-- about 150 replied-- a tremendous response! But unless I'm
mistaken, we don't have information for your distribution yet...*

Located at <> , the eLinux Distribution
List is definitely one of the Internet?s largest Linux Distribution
listings and easily the most comprehensive listing in terms of
information about each distribution. 

This list will be an invaluable tool and resource for Linux users-- so
if you'd still like to submit your distro to the list, please email
<>... All feedback is also welcome.

Btw, eLinux is looking for strong Linux writers-- someone who has the
technical skills to write for the "IT professional" audience. If you or
anyone you know is interested, please contact me directly. Even if
you're not the best writer, that's okay, because I'm a good editor :)

Kindest regards,

Anne Sharp
eLinux Internet Marketing                
Community Content Writer
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Local Tel. (310) 225.5088  x4023     
Toll-free Tel. (877) 39-LINUX x4023

eLinux is a Linux business solutions provider offering the Linux
community a one-stop resource for shopping, support and community
services. eLinux has one of the largest product offerings of any Linux
site, and the expertise to custom configure servers, desktops, and
notebooks for a multi-vendor, multi-platform enterprise solution. The site also includes technical support, news, discussion
forums, and articles on topics of interest.

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*If you received this email in error, please accept our apologies-- no
more emails will be sent to this address.

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