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Re: bug in the latest cache code?

To: Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: Re: bug in the latest cache code?
From: Jun Sun <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 10:50:28 -0700
References: <> <>
Ralf Baechle wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 09, 2000 at 06:08:12PM -0700, Jun Sun wrote:
> > I spent the last a few days to track down a problem where /sbin/init
> > hangs forever.  It turns out, I believe, to be a bug introduced in the
> > recent cache code change.
> >
> > A new function, r4k_flush_icache_page_i32(), was added recently.  It
> > calls blast_icache32_page(), which uses Hit cache operations to flush
> > cache.  Unfortunately, that will generate TLB fault if virtual address
> > is not present in TLB.  Under certain conditions,
> > r4k_flush_icache_page_i32() will be called in the middle of handling a
> > page fault, and it will then generate the same page fault again with
> > cache hit operation.  This causes a deadlock (on current->mm->mmap_sem).
> >
> > I read the previous version of code.  The fix seems to be using the
> > indexed cache operation.  Here is the fix, and apparently it fixes the
> > problem on my board.
> I can see how this may happen and will take care of fixing this one.


Below is the stack trace and some of my notes on this problem.  Hope
this helps.

I agree we should not use index operation abusively, but this is pretty
serious problem.  I don't think we can fix it easily without changing
the arch-independent part of kernel.



more traces :
the page fault is caused r4k_flush_icache_page_i32(), the first cache
(Hit_....) operation.

call stack when current->mm->sem has already been taken but
        r4k_flush_icache_page_i32() is still called.

#0  jsun_bug () at r4xx0.c:1971
#1  0x8009aa60 in r4k_flush_icache_page_i32 (vma=0x811401e0,
    address=263607008) at r4xx0.c:1986
#2  0x800b0320 in do_no_page (mm=0x81142080, vma=0x811401e0,
    write_access=0, page_table=0x811fed94) at memory.c:1162
#3  0x800b0508 in handle_mm_fault (mm=0x81142080, vma=0x811401e0,
    address=263607008, write_access=0) at memory.c:1202
#4  0x80094118 in do_page_fault (regs=0x81127f30, write=0,
    at fault.c:93
#5  0x8008ce98 in handle_tlbl () at r4k_misc.S:154

(263607008 = 0xfb652e0)

The epc for #5 tlbl fault is 0xfb652e0, which means it is a page fault
the next instruction.


annotated calling trace :

handle_tlbl (in asm) - arch/mips/kernel/r4k_misc.S
    do_page_fault - arch/mips/mm/fault.c
        after check it is a good area
        swtich (handle_mm_fault(....) )  - line 93
            [not visiable to gdb
            handle_mm_fault(...)  - mm/memory.c ]
                alloc pte
                    check about the page and
                    do_no_page(...)  - mm/memory.c
                        /* do a bunch of stuff but TLB entry
                           for the new page is not built yet */
                          ( = r4k_flush_icache_page_i32) ;
                                ==> jsun_bug()

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