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Re: please help me to start hacking my MIPS-BOX....

To: ±èÇöÁØ <>
Subject: Re: please help me to start hacking my MIPS-BOX....
From: Dan Aizenstros <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 09:34:52 -0400
Organization: V3 Semiconductor
References: <>

Any questions about the V3 Hurricane should be sent
to which is the technical support
email address.  We do have Linux/MIPS working on the
Hurricane in little endian mode.

Dan Aizenstros
Software Engineer
V3 Semiconductor Corp.

±èÇöÁØ wrote:
> Dear manager of Linux/MIPS web site.
> First of all, thank you for your nice information about Linux/MIPS FAQ..
> It's realy helpull for me.
> My name is Hyun Jun Kim. and I am a graduate student in HUFS univ, S. KOREA.
> I have a lot of interesting about linux.. especially Embedded linux..
> Recently, I am doing part time job - developing set-top box with MIPS chip..
> We  have a HURRICANE evaluation board - V3 semiconductors,
> Of course, it has MIPS chip ( RM5231)..
> But, sadly I can NOT find information for my situation in your site..
> I tried gain several website - linux document project,  ELKS, uclinux, etc..
> but they are NOT suitable for mine..
> please help me to start point to develope porting linux..
> what study do i need to know ?
> what source do i have to get ?
> where is the web site to help porting LINUX ?
> etc...
> I hopfully wait for your comments... thanks in advanced..
> sincerely yours..
>                                                                  Hyun Jun Kim
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> RTDCS Lab, HUFS Univ , South KOREA
> Hyun Jun Kim
> web:
> mail:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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