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Re: Personal DECstation 5000/25

To: Kristoff Bonne <>
Subject: Re: Personal DECstation 5000/25
From: Dylan Griffiths <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 14:34:30 -0600
References: <Pine.LNX.4.05.10007262220000.337-100000@thor.private>
Kristoff Bonne wrote:
> I 'played' with linux/MIPS on such a box about two years ago, and I this
> the following:
> - I had an ultrix-disk in the box, booted ultrix and ftp-ed the linux
> kernel image onto that disk.
> - I went back to the boot-prompt.
> - I did a boot of the linux-kernel from that disk.
> But, that was pre-Y2K and - as I know ultrix is not Y2K-  I am not sure
> it would even still boot now ;-).

The DECstation does boot OpenBSD 2.2 right now, but it's non-functional
because of the files ripped out of it (no fstab, no /usr, etc).  The clock
has its own Y2k issues ("lost 120 days" every time it boots, and it thinks
it's 1996).

I have a 2.2.10 MIPs image for the box, but no MOP loader (OpenBSD has MOPD,
but I need the SYS file).  I kinda get 2.0.7 to boot via tftp (as it's < 1mb
and doesn't tickle the PROM bug), but it's not really useful.

I have a nice VT220 (and a 320) I intend to use for serial console until I'm
sure my framebuffer works, etc.. but none of this can be done until I get a
MOP loader.

PS: How can I get subscribed to this list? :)
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