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Distro Request- Thanks!

To: Anne Sharp <>
Subject: Distro Request- Thanks!
From: Anne Sharp <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 17:51:03 -0700

Thanks for your fantastic response!

The listing of Linux distributions is growing quickly! The list now includes over 200 distros, and detailed info (below) from close to 100 of you!  If you have not already replied, join the detailed listing by replying with the following information!


Name of Distribution:

Stable Version:

Developed by:

Contact email:


FTP site:

Languages: (English, etc.):

Target Users: (e.g. home, office, hackers, developers, newbies, etc.):

Desktop Environments: (e.g. Gnome, KDE, etc.):

Configuration tool: (e.g. lizard, linuxconf, yast):

Package Manager: (RPM, etc.):

Platform: (i386, etc.):

Type: (e.g. Full-sized, floppy, mini, embedded, for DOS/ Windows, “Other,” etc.):

Description (100 words or less):


And, be sure to check back to next week to see your distro on’s new Distro page! Thanks again for your assistance building a great community resource!


Anne Sharp

Community Content Writer

Toll-free Tel. (877) 39-LINUX x4023




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