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Re: Linux on RM200

To: Stefan König <>
Subject: Re: Linux on RM200
From: Alexander Reil <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 10:55:15 +0200
References: <>
Stefan König wrote:

> What i need i a little Help for Implementing Linux on a RM200 System, wich i
> have.
> My problem is - how to exchange the activ Sinix with an Linux System.
> can somebody Help me ??

What kind of RM200 do you have? there are several types.

On a RM200-225 i did the following:

First i had to switch RM200 from big endian to little endian.

There's a software called "sinix_to_nt". I had to beg for it at SNI.

I had to change a certain dip-switch at the motherboard , too.

After a cold-reset my RM200 was little endian.

that's my status quo.

At the moment, i have no time to proceed.

Please let me know, if you are successfull.

A. Reil

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