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Re: Linux on RM200

Subject: Re: Linux on RM200
From: Florian Laws <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 23:26:25 +0200
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> What i need i a little Help for Implementing Linux on a RM200 System, wich i
> have.
> My problem is - how to exchange the activ Sinix with an Linux System.
> can somebody Help me ??
> that is my second contact with Linux, ( the First is in my Office where
> running Linux 6.3 as Mailserver on a 386 -33MHz)
> Now i wan`t migrate the Sinix System 4.X to Linux ( while the documentation
> is much more
> availability as the Sinix -one)

Getting Linux to run on an RM200 is not a trivial task.

Even if you particular RM200 model is supported at all,
there is no easy-to-install prepackaged version, 
so you will have to cross-build at least the kernel from another
Linux workstation.

I recommend you to check the documentation on
on how to start.


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