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Re: Status reports?

To: Jay Carlson <>
Subject: Re: Status reports?
From: Robert Current <>
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2000 14:21:37 -0400
Cc: Ian Chilton <>, "Linux-Mips Mailing List (Old)" <>, Linux-MIPS Mailing List <>,,, Jay Carlson <>, Ralf <>
References: <> <0c0801bfe3b3$62fde200$0a00000a@decoy>
Sender:  <--that's the kind
of thing I was thinking largo could do for ya, just set it up, and let
you guys update it via web/php admin...

So you have a good idea what he can do...  <--joke windowmaker one.
his site.

If you want him to do a layout for the linux-mips page, just let me or
him ( know, and we can get it set up (layout and
graphics), and all you will have to do is provide some content and
update the news and such through web interface.

Jay Carlson wrote:
> "Ian Chilton" <> writes:
> > * Not everything that happens on IRC is appropriate for the mailing list,
> > otherwise it would be a very high volume list.
> Yeah.
> > * The problem is, most of the people on the port and in #mipslinux are
> > developers, who are working on the ports, but have no time for
> > documentation.  Which is best, a port that is dead with loads of
> > documentation, or an active / up-to-date / working port with little
> > documentation.
> There's a need for high quality documentation, but I think there's a greater
> need for just little status reports.  Writing good documents is *hard*, but
> just little one-paragraph summaries, like a project diary, would be a
> wonderful service to the community.
> OTOH, although the current situation annoys me a little, it would annoy me a
> lot more if upstream work on mipslinux stopped.  :-)  So please don't take
> anything this list says about this as a demand.
> > I agree that the documentation is sparce, and see the above issues. That
> is
> > why, I am *thinking* of and suggesting to some of the guys that I, at
> least
> > for now, maintain a site with
> > * News from #mipslinux
> > * Links to current resources
> > * Possibly some documentation
> Doesn't have to be very heavyweight to be successful.
> > If you have any chance at all, I suggest you stop by #mipslinux at
> > times....all you need is an internet connection and one of the many IRC
> > clients...
> >
> > Details are:
> > /server         (port 6667)
> > /join #mipslinux
> I'll drop by soon.
> Jay

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