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RE: Status reports?

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Subject: RE: Status reports?
From: "Ian Chilton" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 18:38:45 +0100
Importance: Normal
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> I know lots of this information gets distributed via IRC but someone
> should let everyone, who's not on IRC all the time, know what's going
> on and what progress is being made.

I am one of the guys in #mipslinux.

Just a quick post to let you know that we have seen your posts, and I am
going to talk to Ralf about this.

I have had a chat to a few of the guys, and the points that came up are:

* Yes, the SGI site needs updating....the port is very much active in a big
way, but the dates on the site are from years back, which is not the case.
Also, the Linux/MIPS howto is < 1 week old, but the date shows it's months

* Not everything that happens on IRC is appropriate for the mailing list,
otherwise it would be a very high volume list.

* The problem is, most of the people on the port and in #mipslinux are
developers, who are working on the ports, but have no time for
documentation.  Which is best, a port that is dead with loads of
documentation, or an active / up-to-date / working port with little

I agree that the documentation is sparce, and see the above issues. That is
why, I am *thinking* of and suggesting to some of the guys that I, at least
for now, maintain a site with
* News from #mipslinux
* Links to current resources
* Possibly some documentation

..this will also need the co-operation of the programmers / maintainers to
keep me informed on what is happening..

I need to discuss this with some of the key members of the team like Ralf
and then if this goes ahead, i'll get something put together, but it will
probably be a few weeks away from now.

Just to finish, believe me, the port is very much alive, they are currently
working on Linux 2.4 / Glibc 2.2 / GCC 2.96

If you have any chance at all, I suggest you stop by #mipslinux at
times....all you need is an internet connection and one of the many IRC

Details are:
/server         (port 6667)
/join #mipslinux

Any thoughts or problems with this, let me know   (


Bye for Now,


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