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Scheduler & Paging

To: "" <>
Subject: Scheduler & Paging
From: Rabeeh Khoury <>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 11:44:48 -0400
Hi All

I'm having trouble with my diskless embedded MIPS based system.
I'm using kernel 2.2.12 , at boot time the kernel gets the ports of
mount and NFS of the fileserver system (PC running redhat 6.0), reads
using root-NFS the headers of /sbin/init and /lib/ and at the
function load_elf_binary it issues start_kernel function (from the file
After that I see no read requests over the NFS for the rest of the
files. Where can I debug the following (I use only printk's) :
1.. Paging mechanism, I need to check if the kernel reaches this point
by requesting pages.
2.. Schedular mechanism, I need to see if the kernel tries to run the
new thread.

Can anyone explain to me how the paging mechanism runs ? who actually
calls it ? does it use the one of the software interrupts in the CPU ?

If it is possible to give me a pinpoint of functions that I can use to
debug and not only the name of the file.

Do you have any suggestion for approaches to solve this problem ?

For developing this embedded system I used things like in kernel 2.0.34,
like defining mips_memory_upper=0x81000000 for 16MByte system, should I
do anything special for the pages or any other memory initializations ?

What does the memory controller in SGI boards do ? What the file
arch/mips/sgi/kernel/indy_mc.c do ?

Where can I get latest version of kernel 2.2 ? I tried at but the directory is empty !

p.s. I'm using QED 5271 and it ran great with kernel 2.0.34

thank you,

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