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SGI Seeq byte accounting patch

To: "Linux MIPS engr . sgi . com" <>, Linux MIPS <>
Subject: SGI Seeq byte accounting patch
From: Klaus Naumann <>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 17:37:12 +0200

Flo and me worked on a patch for the SGI Seeq driver the other day.
The result is attached. Basically the patch fixes the byte accounting
in /proc/net/dev. Without this patch RX and TX byte were 0 all time.
The initialization of the static variable is just a cleanup of the code,
so you can ignore it b/c it has nothing to do with the actual fix.
Can anyone please test this patch on a system with a SGI Seeq and tell
us if the values are correct or if it works ?
We are very sure that the RX values are correct - discussion about TX is
ongoing ;).
Any help is appriciated. Also if you don't have a SGI Seeq board but
know a save way to find out if the values are correct please tell us.

                CU, Klaus

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