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Re: Need help with Olivetti M700-10

Subject: Re: Need help with Olivetti M700-10
From: "Michael 'Maki' Kato" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 09:49:53 -0400
Reply-to: "Michael 'Maki' Kato" <>
To all,

  I have made some progress with the Olivetti M700-10 and the 2.2.12 from  So, I'll go ahead and answer some of my own questions.

  I got to the point where the kernel detects file systems, and dies trying 
to start init.  I didn't need MILO.  I think it's a thing of the past for the 

  It seems like the sources needs to be changed.  The changes really needed 
are with respect to the Jazz setup.  In particular, in jazz/setup.c we're 
enabling the scsi controller interrupt that we're not ready to handle( 
although the code looks like it should be able to handle such conditions...).  
Moving the enabling to after the scsi host controller is detected and 
initialized seems to have enabled me to proceed.  Also, in drivers/scsi/
host.c we need to add the #define for Jazz so that jazz_esp gets detected.

> What am I supposed to see?

  Now I know.  It's very cool.  The blue screen turns into a black one with a 
penguin with the SGI logo on it's belly in the top left.  Exactly like the FB 
console on the sparc or alpha.(with slightly different logos ofcourse)

  I wanted to thank those who wrote the ARC and Jazz related code, it's a 
cool piece of work.  I'm going to study my changes a bit more, and also see 
if I can proceed to load a full distribution and stress test the system.

  For those out there with a M700, I could still use a disk images of the #3 
disk.  This disk is ED(extra density) and I can't read mine, and wanted a 
copy for completeness.  There are intall/config/diag utilities on there that 
I'd like to use for instance to change my default resolution and sync rate.  
I apreciate your help.



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