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Need help with Olivetti M700-10

Subject: Need help with Olivetti M700-10
From: "Michael 'Maki' Kato" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 22:47:12 -0400
Reply-to: "Michael 'Maki' Kato" <>
Hi there,

  I've recently acquired a M700, and have been trying to boot linux on it.  
I've succesfuly loaded/run pandora/milo, but have not been able to run a 
kernel with or without milo.
  I've been cross compiling the 2.2.12 from that Kevin Kissell 
has posted to the list with tools from the sgi ftp site on a Intel/Linux box.
  The kernels compile without any problems, and elf2ecoff seems to work.  I 
end up with a file that loads and runs but locks up my machine without any 
printout on the screen.

  So, here are some questions.

  I milo a thing of the past?  I'm guessing it is, although pandora has been 

  Anyone out there running M700 with Linux?  If so, which sources? what 
version?  What am I supposed to see?

  Anyone out there with a M700, would you be so kind as to mail me a disk 
image of disk #3?  This is a 2.88Mb floppy and I can't seem to read mine.  
I'm thinking maybe I need some config files/diag utilities from that disk.  
If I can get an image, I can copy the files to a zip disk and run them on the 

  Can anyone tell me the pinouts of the serial port?  Is it identical to say 
the IBM PC 9pin standard?

  Thanks in advance for any help you all may have,


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