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S record file format

Subject: S record file format
From: Joe George <>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 16:17:19 -0700

I am trying to move my development environment from DOS to Linux.  I
have got the tools installed from the rpm files with no problem and
verified that code is being generated correctly by using objdump.

The PC tools are gcc version 2.6-94q4, size, nm, and objcopy are
2.4-94q4.  The following sequence in the makefile would generate an
S record file:
        gcc -O -nostdlib -G 0 -DNR4K -Tscriptd -N -o mod_30k $(DOBJS)
        size -x mod_30k
        nm -n mod_30k > mod_30k.nm
        objcopy -O srec mod_30k mod_30k.txt

Using the new tools on Linux generates an srec file with a different
format.  There is other stuff intermixed with the code.  I have not
been successful in finding info on the srec format.  I would appreciate
it if someone could point me to a specification of the output format
or let me know if I'm doing something else wrong.


Joe George

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