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Help mips-tx39-elf-{tool}

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Subject: Help mips-tx39-elf-{tool}
From: (Andrea Endrizzi)
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 11:20:06 +0100
Reply-to: "Andrea E." <>
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Hello Mips,

  Excuse me, i have found your address in my long search in Mips
  Developers Group. I make my apologies if i have wrong the address.

  I use a TX3927 Board , i try to write some little program ( led on/off ) and
  work fine. I try to compile Mips Linux Kernel ( R3000 ) with mips-tx39-elf
  compiler and i have some problem ...

  Is There anyone that have some experiences with Cygnus 98r2 for
  Linux with target mips-tx39-elf-{tool} ???

  Can 2 help me ??

Best regards,
 Andrea E.

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(irc:    NeRvOuX)

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