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Linux on Toshiba MIPS R3912 OEM platform

To: "''" <>
Subject: Linux on Toshiba MIPS R3912 OEM platform
From: Michael Randle <>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 10:42:06 -0000

My name is Michael Randle, I am a Software Engineer for a company called
Husky Technology (in the process of becoming Itronix).  The company
manufactures rugged handheld computers.

I am currently working on implementing Windows CE on a Toshiba MIPS R3912
platform.  However, as a personal challenge, I am interested in exploring
the possibility of running LINUX on the box.

I am totally new to LINUX, I have borrowed a CD from a collegue of mine and
could make neither head nor tail of the source (it wasn't in C/C++ or
assembly language so it may as well have been written in Japanese).  I was
wondering if there was any C source available for the basic kernel and if so
what compiler would be required and where can I find it (sample source or
definitions of the interface to hardware drivers like LCD, keyboard, serial
ports etc would be useful too)?

If you think you can help me or vice versa please contact me at or if you think I'm just being naive or
cheeky then please reply to this mail (feel free to put the text 'No way you
cheeky sod' in the subject).

Thanks for anything you can do for me.

Michael Randle


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