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FP emulation patch available

To: Linux SGI <>,,
Subject: FP emulation patch available
From: "Andrew R. Baker" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 22:12:24 -0600 (CST)
I have made a patch against the 2.2.13 CVS kernel from the patch that
Kevin Kissell (sp?) put out earlier.  This patch is a subset of Kevin's
patch.  It includes the following pieces:

1) FPU emulation support
2) removal of the MIPS instruction bitfields (replaced with macros)
3) mips_cpu stucture and C based cpu identification

I think a gdb segment snuck in there too.

The patch is available at:

Could interested parties please look at it and provide more testing than
me and my Indigo2.  My next goal is to intergrate the FP unimplemented
exception code into the FPU emulation framework.  I then shall see about
moving it all to 2.3 (I may move parts sooner if necessary).  

Comments appreciated,


P.S.  Ralf & others, since I keep changing desktop machines I do not
believe I have submit access to CVS anymore.  If this patch is
satisfactory, could one of you submit it to the archive for me?

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