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How do I get the latest Linux/Mips ?

Subject: How do I get the latest Linux/Mips ?
From: Mike Wynn <>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 16:40:35 +0000
Organization: Insignia Ltd
Any help here would be apriciated, the only experiance I have with Linux is
getting it running on X86 machines.

I have run pandora on my Mips Box which is labeled as a NetPower series 100
the results I get are as follows:

ARC Vendor ID            : [MIPS MAG]
ARC Product ID           : [0000e2025875004d]
ARC System ID            : [PICA-61]
ARC CPU ID               : [MIPS-R4000]
Processor type           : [R4400PC I04 V5.0]
Primary ICache size      : [0x4000 bytes]
Primary ICache line size : [0x0010 bytes]
Primary DCache size      : [0x4000 bytes]
Primary DCache line size : [0x0010 bytes]
Secondary cache size     : [unknown]
ARC System identified as : ACER PICA-61

I do know that this machine at one time ran NT 4, so i assume that it is a
little endian machine
(I believe I run the little endian pandora!)

I have installed the cross compiler binutils-2.7.3 and gcc-2.7.2-3 onto my
Linux 2.2.13-7 SMP x86 box
but have not used then yet!

are there newer linux mips binutils and gcc's availiable and/or kernal

Thanks in advance for any help

Mike Wynn

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