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Pyramid Nile Cluster for sale

Subject: Pyramid Nile Cluster for sale
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 09:48:54 +0100

I know, this not a real topic for a mailing list, but I decided to post it here,
because I think, it is best way to do.

My company, Phoenix Contact GmbH (Blomberg, Germany), has a Pyramid Nile Cluster
for sale (very low price!!!).

Specification as follows:

Pyramid Nile Cluster, two machines
a) 10 CPUs, MIPS 4400, 2 GB RAM
b) 8 CPUs, MIPS 4400, 1.5 GB RAM

Two common drive bays HAAS-3
a) 12 x ST12550N, 2 x ST15150W
b) 10 x ST12550W, 6 x ST15150W

Current operating system
DC_OSX 1.1-95d087.4

If you have any interest or further question, do not hesitate to contact me.

I would ask you, to forward this mail to anyone you know who may be interested
in these machines.

Thanks for patience and understanding.

Dietmar Stein (

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