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Linux on Algorithmics P4032 dev.board

Subject: Linux on Algorithmics P4032 dev.board
From: Arnold Niessen <>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 16:35:21 +0100
Dear Chris, Kevin, and other Linux/MIPS-ers,

I have just started to work on a port of Linux (with 
the intention of RT-Linux in a later stage)
to the Algorithmics P4032-board, based on the newly
released MIPS port for the P5064 and Atlas boards. 
Dominic Sweetman already told me there are more people 
interested in or working on this P4032 port.

I would be obliged if you could help me with
a status overview so far, and where work is still needed
mostly. Although MIPS and P4032 are new to me,
I am surrounded by pSOS-oriented colleagues with lots
of P4032 experience, and I am willing to invest time
in this port.

And to start with a silly question:
So far I have not found a ready-to-use cross compilation
environment; I have just started to build a gcc-2.95.2
mips cross compiler; monday I will try to solve the
first errors which stopped the compilation...
Any pointers (other than the CrossGCC FAQ and gcc doc) that
I should be aware of ?

Best regards,
A.J. Niessen                  | Philips Research Laboratories
Building WL 1.613             | Prof. Holstlaan 4
Phone: (+31-40-27)42715       | 5656 AA Eindhoven
Fax: (+31-40-27)44004         | The Netherlands
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