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NFS - Root

To: "" <>
Subject: NFS - Root
From: Rabeeh Khoury <>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 20:04:54 -0500
Hi All

I'm running diskless embedded system which mounts root-NFS over a PC
running RedHat v.6.

The embedded executes all initab functions but when it gets to login ;
it displays the contents of the file /etc/issue , runs /bin/login then
it doesn't log in at all ; the file passwd contains :


and there is no file /etc/shadow.

the gid and uid of all the files in the directory are 0 , 0    .

p.s. if I run the kernel over the embedded with "init=/bin/sh" option it
runs with no problem even executes some binaries.

what could be the problem ? if you encountered such a problem please
email me.

thank you

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