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Indigo2 XL?

Subject: Indigo2 XL?
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 21:54:19 -0700 (MST)
        I picked up one of these puppies tonight, $75, oodles of simms,
cdrom drive, no harddrives or harddrive sleds. 

        What's support like for these? is graphics support still pretty
much lacking? 

        So far i haven't managed to hook up any sort of console to it. If
someone knows where i can get a cheap adapter to hook it up to an SVGA
monitor (less than $25) that'd be great. Otherwise I'm cannibalizing a
cable off a dead Sun moinitor. 

        Speaking of which, has SGI ever changed their monitor pinout? I
have a 13W3 pinout for them that actually refers to my Magnum4k, wondering
if that works ok. 

        And finally, any chance i can pull up a serial console on this
thing, while I'm working on the whole monitor issue? 


 - Eric

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