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Re: Yous still in business?

To: johnBresnik <>
Subject: Re: Yous still in business?
From: Mitchell Blank Jr <>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 03:12:09 -0800
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johnBresnik wrote:
> Hello.    I just bought a DECStation 3100 for $20
> but with no monitor or keyboard. you wouldn't know
> where I could get one do ya?

Monitor - I suspect you're screwed.  IIRC, the mono DECstation monitors
were custom TTL beasts... they're probably getting fairly rare.

Keyboard (that's the little RJ14 "phone jack" connector).  If I remember
right the 3100 shared a keyboard with the VT320, a very popular terminal.
I might be wrong though.

However, you don't need a keyboard or monitor to have a useful machine.
If you power on the machine without a keyboard it should come up with
a serial console (I've never actually done this on a 3100 but I have on
many other DECstations, so I assume the 3100 works too).  The 3100 uses
MMJ jacks (the things that look like a phone jack but with the tab off-
center).  This is the same jack the VT-320 used - search the web for the
pinouts.  You might be able to find a MMJ cable somewhere (old VMS shops
tend to have them lying around).  Another possibility is build one - take
a semi-standard 6-pin phone jack and break the tab off.. then use duct
tape to hold it in the jack :-)

Anyway one of the serial ports should give you a console... 9600bps 8N1.

Also, check out for all the
linux-on-decstation info.


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