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linux development for mips

Subject: linux development for mips
From: Harm Verhagen <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 00:06:50 -0100
Hi folks,

I'm Harm Verhagen (25),
I work for an IT-consultancy company (CMG).
We have an algorithmics board p4032 and an IDT 79s465 board.
For now we use pSOS on those targets pSOS 2.5 with prism 2.0
In _my_ spare time I want to start experimenting with linux on mips ( as

i'm on my PC ).
This means testing and maybe developing.

I have no linux kernel hacking experience.

I have a few questions:
Is there still active linux development for mips ?
Is there work being done for the algorithmics p4032 board ? (4640)
and/or the IDT 79s465.
What is the status of the linux/mips software (for those boards).
Do you use remote debugging ?
Is there documentation about porting linux/mips to other boards ?

We have the following configuration
PC connected to target with both serial and network connection. ( no
disk  target, keyboard, monitor connected to target )

         ---------- rs232 ------------
PC   ---------   TCP/IP -----------      idt/79s465 or algo-p4032

we can program the flashes.

with this configuration is it possible to download the linux kernel to
the target over the network ? and start debugging (serial)?
are the kernel and applications separatly loaded to the target or as one

image ?
Is the mips kernel for mips buildable as elf and/or hex format ?

Have you used the real-time linux kernel on mips ?  (KURT: The KU Real
Time Linux Project)
If so, what are your experiences ?

That was the (huge) list of questions.
I hope you'll find time to answer them :)
I really could use some help starting the stuff here.

kind regards,
Harm Verhagen

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