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Re: more DECstation query

To: "Dave Airlie" <>
Subject: Re: more DECstation query
From: "Wayne Allen" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 22:59:37 -0000
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From: "Dave Airlie" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 10:40 AM
Subject: more DECstation query

> 5100/25, but I assume the 5000/25), and a DECsystem 5100, can anyone tell
> me which of these needs work for MIPS/Linux, and which would be easiest to
> put in my bedroom :-)
> Is the DS5100 big or the 5000/25 small etc..

Well i have a 5000/33 (same machine faster clock) and sizewise it fits under
my desktop PC quite nicely (about the same size as a desktop. As to running
Linux, I have had no problems, with RH5.2 and the DEC/Linux instructions.
its in a box at the moment as I am about to move house, but when I do I will
dig it out and have a play again.

Chairman Royal Holloway Micromouse Group

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