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Re: RedHat / SUSE

To: Wayne Allen <>
Subject: Re: RedHat / SUSE
From: Karsten Merker <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 22:36:54 +0100
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Wayne Allen wrote:

> I am currently running 2 DEC's a 3100 and 5000/33 on a version of Linux from
> the DEC/LINUX website. Due to various reasons I am going to have to rebuild
> my linux system and change from Redhat to SUSE (6.2) Am I going to have any

May I be curious and ask why? I am working on adopting RH6.1 (the first
(partly untested) RH6.1 packages will probably be available at after tomorrow evening), and there are some
people working on a Debian port, which looks rather promising as far as I
can tell. Suse is IMHO a bit problematic due to their copying policy,
which makes it complicated to e.g. provide (in the future) an installation
CD containing some Suse-specific packages without which that would not
really be a Suse-system. We do not have these problems with Debian and
RedHat which both put all of their distribution specific tools under GPL
or LGPL, and if you do not need the Suse-specific stuff I currently do not 
see the reason not to keep RedHat or use Debian.

> problems in relation to the Dec's and the development system, as although at
> the moment I am just downloading and running pre-compiled code, I would like
> to start to investigate the compilation side (my main interest will be the
> SCSI on the 3100)?

If you keep using the old binutils (2.8.1 with mips patches) you should
not run into major problems although they fail to link some packages
correctly. I am still trying out Ralf Baechle's binutils-990825 and
awaiting next weekend to have a little more time to spend on this matter.
If you want to work primarily on the kernel I would recommed using the
crossdevelopment packages which you can find on and

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