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Subject: TruckOffice2000
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 14:35:15 -0800
TruckOffice2000 computerizes the workflow operations of dump trucking 
companies.  It integrates 
full accounting with fleet maintenance, supporting unlimited power units, 
employees, drivers, mechanics, 
office managers or bookkeeping staff.  Its focus is to provide accurate 
profit/loss reporting to managers 
& owners of independent haulers as well as brokers. 
The true value of automation comes with reliability and low-maintenance 
requirement. TruckOffice2000 is 
designed around ALT's Specialized Industry Software standards providing a 
user-friendly  interface following
Dump Trucking Industry work-flow and business rules. This design permits your 
staff to almost intuitively be 
able to use TruckOffice2000 minimizing training down-time.  In addition, 
TruckOffice2000 counts with unlimited
phone support for your entire staff.  On-site training is available, but it 
seldom necessary.

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