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Re: latest binutils cygnus CVS 991025

To: "Ralf Baechle" <>, "Florian Lohoff" <>
Subject: Re: latest binutils cygnus CVS 991025
From: "Jay Carlson" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 07:26:51 -0400
Cc: <>, <>, <>
References: <> <>
>  - Symbol versioning is broken in the CVS version.  There is no fix yet
>    this problem.
>  - The CVS gas version has a few problems with weak symbols, aliases and
>    other special cases.  These usually don't show up.  Anyway, the
>    on has all these fixes which haven't made their way into
>    CVS.
> I've spent a tremendous amount of time into tracking down a large number
> other bugs in binutils; I was able to rebuild entire RH 6.0 with that
> linker.

This is the 2.8.1+mips patchkit?


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