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Help required

Subject: Help required
From: Suresh_katakam <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 18:49:56 +0530
Importance: high
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Dear Sir/M'am,

When I was surfing thru the web for an embedded-linux for my Single-Motherboard, I found your web page "The Linux/MIPS FAQ" very interesting. But I have few simple querries to decide whether Linux/MIPS is the right OS for me.

The board what I have is run by IDTR4700. It has 32MB Ram, 4 MB Flash and 16K PROM. The board was supplied from IDT and all these days it ran IDT Sim6.5 monitor. Now, I am in search of a OS for the same. Is Linux/MIPS a right solution ? How difficult is it to modify the kernel source to tune to my CPU/board architecture ? My aim is to run the Linux from the flash RAM of the board.

Other board details: Can be rigged onto a PCI slot of a host machine and can access other PCI devices with its PCI controller. Has 2 serial ports.

Please help me to decide !

Thanks in advance.

Suresh S Katakam

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