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Re: bootblocks

Subject: Re: bootblocks
From: "Otto J. Makela" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 12:54:38 +0200
Organization: Sonera Oy
References: <> wrote:
> We seem to have some options:
> - Porting NetBSD bootblocks:
>    + porting standalone libs to linux/mips
>    + changing ufs code to ext2fs
> - Porting silo (Sparc two-stage loader)
>    + changing sparc assembler code to mips
>    + changing sun prom calls to decstation prom calls.
> What would be easier?

My guess is porting silo, since that would mean working with already
existant linux boot mechanisms.  I guess some of the work done on the
other MIPS cpu ports (like the SGIs) might also be copied for this?

I tried looking at the "TURBOchannel firmware specification" and the
"TURBOchannel SCSI module functional specification" from the web site,
but neither says anything very specific about the SCSI hardware firmware
capabilities.  Pointers?  We have lots of old MIPS hardware and manuals,
I just need to know what to look for.

A completely unrelated question: where would be a good place to upload
some RH6 packages I've compiled for mipsels?

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