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Re: ISDN on Personal DECstation

Subject: Re: ISDN on Personal DECstation
From: (Tor Arntsen)
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 10:46:34 +0200
In-reply-to: Matthias Heidbrink <> "Re: ISDN on Personal DECstation" (Sep 21, 20:11)
>> Even if you could make it work
>> just for hack-value, a 64K ISDN interface isn't really that exciting.
On Sep 21, 20:11, Matthias Heidbrink wrote:
>One again, it's not so bad in Europe. Here in Germany, my ISDN line (BRI) 

True, European bandwidth is a different world.  Where I work we only 
recently moved from a 64kbit to a 256kbit internet connection, and it's 
costing us blood -- a really small company couldn't have afforded it.
(another point is that until a year or two ago the bloody *backbone* 
wouldn't let you utilise even 64kbit..)

Universities may be a bit spoiled though, but for anybody else 64kbit starts
to feel good :-)


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