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Re: ISDN on Personal DECstation

To: Mitchell Blank Jr <>
Subject: Re: ISDN on Personal DECstation
From: Richard van den Berg <>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 21:07:33 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <>
On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Mitchell Blank Jr wrote:

> It's been awhile since I ran BSD on my DECstations, but I remember that
> OpenBSD detected the device as existing - not sure if it ever could do
> anyting with it.

Just like NetBSD:
isdn at asic0 offset 0x240000 priority 7 not configured

> I personally suspect that the answer is "no".  I used to admin a bunch
> of those in the heyday of Ultrix, and I never saw nor heard of anyone
> making a productive use of that jack.  Even if you could make it work
> just for hack-value, a 64K ISDN interface isn't really that exciting.

It is if you can connect to your ISP for the same on-line rate as a
ordinairy analog modem, what I do every time I'm on-line with an ISDN
card in a 80486.


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