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trying to get PMAG-BA working on DS5000/200

Subject: trying to get PMAG-BA working on DS5000/200
From: Dave Airlie <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 17:03:31 +0100 (IST)
Well I've got hopefully the PMAG-BA support compiled in properly to a
2.2.10 on my DS5000/200,
I see 

TURBOchannel rev. 1 at 25.0 MHz (no parity)
slot 0: DEC      PMAG-BA  V5.3a   

so it sees the card I get 

pmagbafb.c: found in slot 0 at address be000000.
pmagbafb.c: Trying to initialise PMAG-BA fb ...
Console: switching to frame buffer device                                      

so it finds it, and says stuff but I don't see anything happening on the
monitor Linux boots up the rest of the way ... what am I missing?


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