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New in this game with R4400 200 MHz

Subject: New in this game with R4400 200 MHz
From: Paris Altidis <>
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 22:53:15 -0500
Importance: Normal
Just got two Netpower R4400 200 MHz Boxes and I think there is a lot of
potential in making them a hell of a server.    But, first things first.   I
need to install Linux and am not sure whether the Netpower box is supported.
These are >> NT 3.51 PCs <<< with a small FAT partition and the rest is
My Questions:
1. Is there a way to repartition the NTFS partition ?   There is a 1.0 GB HD
but I'm going to install another one 4.5 GB strictly for Linux.
2. What is the procedure for making the second drive Linux bootable + boot
as Linux (same as in Win NT4.0's boot.ini file)

Please send me a response or a lead to these questions.


Paris A.

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