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Re: initrd.img

Subject: Re: initrd.img
From: "Gleb O. Raiko" <>
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 13:31:24 +0400
Organization: NIISI RAN
References: <>
"Mr. James W. Laferriere" wrote:
>         Hello Gleb,  Are the scripts you mentioned below available
>         gpl ?  ,  Reason I am asking is of you can share them with
>         us ?  And then if you are willing to ?  Tia,  JimL

Sure, they are GPLed. Well, they're not so huge and I attach them.

Brief description:

mkflash.functions contains general-purpose functions to make things

mkflash.base creates ~2.5 MB root fs that contains tailored RH boot
procedure, network utilities to startup network (ifconfig and route) and
ash. All binaries are from standard Roughcuts CD. We just sripped all of
them including shared libraries. Also, ifcfg-eth0 might puzzle you, it
sets ip address from Ethernet one. Really, we use the driver  that
emulates Ethernet over shared VME bus, so last digit in Ethernet address
identifies location of the box in VME bus and our customers need to set
ip according to 'geographic' location of the box on VME.

The root fs is assumed to be mounted read-only. In order to provide rw
storage, 4 MB ramdisk is mounted during boot up on /tmp and all files
that are created/modified during RH boot procedure are links to
somewhere on /tmp (e.g. /var is link to /tmp/var). Note, if you don't
use flash you might just mount root fs rw. Also, 4 MB is default ramdisk
size, software needs much less. Well, if you mount the root fs rw over
NFS and don't use ramdisk, add rm (now rm is dummy script). Otherwise,
you'll have problems on boot.

mkflsh.x creates ~10 MB root fs that contains X temrminal software.
Note, we use a small subset of Russian fonts only. These fonts contain
standard ASCII in 0-127 and Russian letters in 128-255. We use
framebuffer X server (we really need up to 4 X servers, because there
might be up to 4 video adapters) and mwm. I love DEC's VXT2000 (the best
X terminal to my taste), so we plan to write an X client that will
performs adinistration tasks and looks as VXT's one. The last thing is
Xnoinput shared library, it's used to switch keyboard and mouse between
X servers.

mkflash.i adds the rsh daemon to the base image. The pam module is
pam_permit, so you might just do everething remotely. We use this image
to store our software in flash.


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