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root file system

Subject: root file system
From: Rabeeh Khoury <>
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 1999 16:31:11 -0400
Hi All

I'm having a trouble mounting a root file system on my embedded linux
(one of our (Galileo's) boards).
the problem is that i built a driver for Flash memory ( meanwhile it
reads and writes from SDRAM for
verification purposes ) i got an initrd image (from HardHat dir in and wrote it to the memory  (using monitior);
but each time i try to mount the filesystem the data i get is switched ;
for example ; when the linux tries to read the filesystems' magic number
; it gets
53FE instead of FE53 (ext2 magic number).
i tried to do some manipulation in the driver by switching the hi and
low bytes in a 16 bit data in the buffer
that the linux allocated ; it fixes the 16 bit reads but gets wrong data
in other transactions (32 bit ) ; for example
the data A B C D (A..D are bytes) are read B A D C.

p.s. i'm running linux on big mips

if you have any suggestions please mail me.

thanx for the effort.

i would like also to report a bug in the mips-linux-gcc crosscompiler
under i386.
when i get to the end of READ request  (right after end_request(1)) ;
the cpu jumps to address 8 instead of the beginning of while(1)
i wroked around it by adding "continue " !

void flash_request (void)  {

  while (1) { /* loop for all the requests */
    INIT_REQUEST; /* if no further requests available ; return () is
performed */
    if (CURRENT->cmd == READ) {
    READ request manipulations

      end_request(1); /* Success */




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