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Re: Linux Mips Port

To: The jazz man <>
Subject: Re: Linux Mips Port
From: Brad Larson <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 08:27:19 -0700
Organization: Quantum Effect Devices, Inc.
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Hi Chris,

I don't know which R5000 you are using but QED designed the original
R5000 and sells a compatible RM5200 series.  We've had customers move to
Linux.  I've recommended using the Cobalt Cube as a starting point since
its already a commercial product using the RM523x CPU and Linux.  You
can find more info at  The distrubution can be
obtained at

I don't know how close to current Cobalt is but the low level CPU code
may be of use.


The jazz man wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a computer engineer with Philips semiconductors. We're currently
> developing a set top box that enhances TV programming with internet
> access, instant messaging and other nice interactive add ons to standard
> cable TV.
> It's a MIPS R5000 based system (compatable with R4300 - R3900 series
> CPU's) with some custom hardware.
> Presently, this is a Windows CE system. However, our customers (and
> co-workers) have expresed their desire for us to port the system over to
> Linux. It looks like I'm going to handle the process.
> I would like to build as small a version of Linux as possible. I'm looking
> for a system that has only the most rudimentary Linux functionality and
> hardware. I'm anticipating having to build most of the device drivers
> myself (I can give them to you when I'm done). I'll (hopefully) also be
> able to come away with a small Linux MIPS kernel wich you might find
> useful...
> Essentially, here are my questions:
> What software exists out there for this specific architecture?
> I was going to compile the kernel on my x86 Linux box, copy it over to any
> specific location in our PCMCIA storage card and configure our bootloader
> to set the program counter to that location. Is that reasonable?
> How do I compile the kernel (I'm sort of akward in Linux land, so I need
> instructions that assume I'm a moron.)? Will Linux let me make an image
> that I can download to another host?
> Thanks
> Chris.

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