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Linux Mips Port

Subject: Linux Mips Port
From: The jazz man <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 16:35:51 -0700 (PDT)

I'm a computer engineer with Philips semiconductors. We're currently
developing a set top box that enhances TV programming with internet
access, instant messaging and other nice interactive add ons to standard
cable TV. 

It's a MIPS R5000 based system (compatable with R4300 - R3900 series
CPU's) with some custom hardware. 

Presently, this is a Windows CE system. However, our customers (and
co-workers) have expresed their desire for us to port the system over to
Linux. It looks like I'm going to handle the process. 

I would like to build as small a version of Linux as possible. I'm looking
for a system that has only the most rudimentary Linux functionality and
hardware. I'm anticipating having to build most of the device drivers
myself (I can give them to you when I'm done). I'll (hopefully) also be
able to come away with a small Linux MIPS kernel wich you might find

Essentially, here are my questions:

What software exists out there for this specific architecture?

I was going to compile the kernel on my x86 Linux box, copy it over to any
specific location in our PCMCIA storage card and configure our bootloader
to set the program counter to that location. Is that reasonable? 

How do I compile the kernel (I'm sort of akward in Linux land, so I need
instructions that assume I'm a moron.)? Will Linux let me make an image
that I can download to another host? 



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