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Little or Big Endian ??

To: MIPS/Linux Mailinglist <>
Subject: Little or Big Endian ??
From: Christer Eliasson <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 08:58:02 +0200
I have been scavanging through the net and stumbled onto
HardHat (Seen it mentioned in here too)

On every doc i have read it says that the MAGNUM R4000 only runs in
Endian mode, But isnt HardHad Big Endian ??

If it runs in Big Endian (Which would be nice) then i should be able to
HardHat with some tweaks as im sure to mess it up somewhere ;)

As soon as i have my Magnum up and running ill gladly start testing and
as i i really want to help

Christer Eliasson

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