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Re: cannot open crt1.o

To: "Bradley D. LaRonde" <>,
Subject: Re: cannot open crt1.o
From: Masami Komiya <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 10:45:33 +0900
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"Bradley D. LaRonde" wrote:
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> Sent: Monday, August 16, 1999 8:40 PM
> Subject: Re: cannot open crt1.o
> Thanks.  That's what I figured.  Maybe I should have been more specific with
> my question.  :)
> My question is really more like "Why it isn't there, and where can I get
> it?"

You need to install GNU libc for mips programs. There is how to cross-compile
and install on the following URL.

Masami Komiya

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