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insmod on mips

Subject: insmod on mips
From: "Vladimir A. Roganov" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 20:33:15 +0400
Organization: NIISI
Hello Ralf, hello Others !

We have some problems with modules loading in our Linux/R3k.
The picture is following:

  1. For modutils-2.1.121 rebuilt for linux-2.2.1/r3k any
     attempt to insmod something lead to insmod segfault.
     The line where it dies is obj/obj_mips.c:184:
                   assert(v == l->value);

     The value of 'l' here is a (struct mips_hi16 *) 0x41

  2. For modutils placed in HardHat instimage the command
    'insmod <object>' takes infinite time (locking kernel
     somewhere), but kernel looks alive (console input keys).     

The modules we are testing is mtd physmem device: they works
well for Intel and looks very platform-independent
(I don't think that the problem located inside them).

The behaviour is same for cross-compiled and native-compiled

Due it looks just like a some mismatch in our kernel, modutils
and compiler versions, we are very interesting to get info
about working combination for all above 
(or about new versions with more fresh and actual bugs :-) 


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