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Info on the SONIC chip

Subject: Info on the SONIC chip
From: "Gleb O. Raiko" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 16:54:11 +0400
Organization: NIISI RAN

Could somebody point me at info on the SONIC chip ? 

I start to run Linux on my Magnum in the big endian mode again and at
this time I am able to go at the point where the kernel initializes the
sonic driver. (So, interrupts, time controller, and framebuffer work.)
The port takes more time I expected because I have to change all IO
addresses. In the big endian mode, the IO addresses is located as if
they would be on a little endian 64 bit bus. Thus, all addresses to be
accesses as words (4 bytes) are shifted by word, all addresses to be
accessed as bytes are swapped as opposed against existing little endian

The placement of IO addresses for sonic is more complex. At least, I see
one layout in the case my box powers on and just loads the prom and
another layout in the case risc/os was started and halted to prom then.
At this point, I am unable to guess how things work and need the


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