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MIPS R4000 Magnum Installation Procedure

To: MIPS/Linux Mailinglist <>
Subject: MIPS R4000 Magnum Installation Procedure
From: Christer Eliasson <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 13:06:20 +0200
Hi all

I did recently get my hands on a MIPS Magnum R4000
What i have is just the Motherboard,Gfx board, Sound Board, Ethernet
No disks and no floppy yet

I have runned Linux/Unix(Solaris mainly)
for 5 Years totally so im no Linux newbie

To the questions

1.    Can i use Any floppy (ie a PC floppy) ?
2.    Is there any limitations on the SCSI disks (Size, manufacturer) ?
3.    I have Downloaded the entire FTP site (just in case) and now im
planning to
        install linux but i didnt find any good pointers on how to
Install it ?
4.    Where can i find info on the POST codes on the LED display ?

Thank you all in advance
Christer Eliasson

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