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Distributed Programming under Linux/MIPS

Subject: Distributed Programming under Linux/MIPS
From: Kamran Karimi <>
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 18:07:58 -0600 (CST)

 People interested in distributed programming are invited to try DIPC 
(Distributed Inter-Process Communication). It allows you to transparently 
use System V IPC's semaphores, messages and shared memories over a 
network of computers. Its Transparent Distributed Shared Memory (DSM) 
puts it in a different class from other systems like PVM or MPI. Using DIPC, 
you can easily write distributed program even if you have only one machine. 
The same code can later be used in a real cluster, or a multi-processor, 
without any changes.

 DIPC needs to be comprehensively tested under Linux/MIPS. You can download 
the file dipc-2.0-pre3.tgz from /pub/dipc (It also 
patches i386, Alpha, PowerPC and SPARC code in the kernel). Please try it 
and let me know the positive and negative results. 

 Recommendations and wish lists for the final package are welcome. 


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