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cube, ISDN, ip_masquerading

Subject: cube, ISDN, ip_masquerading
From: "Damir Tresnjo" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 13:39:21 +0200
Priority: normal

I am trying to use Cobalt Cube 2700 WG with ISDN as Dial Up Server for my 
local network. ISDN card works fine, but I do not have any {HYPERLINK 
modules for kernel, so I can not translate local IP addresses to public IP 
address for my local network. 
On this cube is running kernel-2.0.33-5TO. I tried to get source for kernel 
from cobalt but with this source (kernel-2.0.33-C13) I couldn not make 
binaries clean. 

Can anybody tell me were I can find properly source for the Cube with 
ISDN or tell me how to bring my Cube to work properly?


damir tresnjo


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